Kasai-inter Country Club and Lagoon

This is a golf course in Hyogo prefecture (Kasai inter Country Club) which is very interesting for an entity that can invest about 20 million USD.
★ 128 hectares, 18 holes golf course available for M&A for 8 million USD
★ 1900 existing Members.
★ positive operation (can provide P/L upon request)
★50 minutes by car from Osaka
★ The course is a regular 18 holes and has the standards to host professional tournaments.

The plan consists in creating a 2 hectares lagoon with glamping facilities by relocating the 18th hole to a different part of the property.

the M&A involves also the overwriting of 6 million USD of membership deposits.
The deposits are technically a liability, on the other hand, because there is active Membership it is possible to leverage it for fundraising for those who want also to be Members of the lagoon.

It is also possible to hold on to the present manager so the transition would be seamless and without a “learning curve.”

The local government (Kasai city) seems to be quite collaborative and a change of destination for parts of the property (for new construction) is possible.

Anyway for the moment, because the golf course is located in an “Urbanization control area” new construction is not possible unless it is related to the operation of the golf course.

(The dome houses/bungalows in the video are technically not buildings because they are floating on water so the restrictions of the building code do not apply)

Please let us know if you have interest in this type of project and if you have any questions.

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