smart forest city (Kitsuki)

・87 hectares of natural forest.
・A castle town.
・10 Km from the airport
・new high tech activities (especially space-industry related)
that are moving into the area.
・A smart city immersed in the green with a lagoon on the roof

Watch here the rough proposal at the following bookmark:
Or you can watch the full video (6:42min) including considerations about saving the forest.

for reference: Apple Campus II
・230m diameter
・depth of building: 54m
・floor area: 68,680㎡x4levels=260,000㎡

The present concept portrays a 80,000m2 office/residential/hotel
building (on 3 levels) -> 300 MLD
3000m2 underground parking: 20 MLD
20 hectares lagoon: 40 MLD
exterior works, infrastructures: 20 MLD

See also:



Kitsuki City is of course very interested and will collaborate if a
fund/developer is willing to invest in the project.

(here below advertised as an industrial land development)

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